Tecflow Brake Cleaner


Brake Cleaner


Tecflow Brake Cleaner prime quality formulation provides maximum performance in removal of brake dust, oil, grease, brake fluid and contaminants from disc and drum brake assemblies, without disassembling the unit. Tecflow Brake Cleaner degreases instantly, leaves no residue, and is safe for ABS systems. Tecflow Brake Cleaner binds brake dust as it is removed so no health hazards through breathing of brake dust. Contains carbon-dioxide propellant for high pressure and environmental friendliness and contains >96% of active product.

Degrease and clean brake parts and other metal parts

Drying time approx. 3 minutes.

480ml of active product through CO2 as propellant gas.

Canister can be used both upright and upside down

binds with brake dust, which means less health risk

Dries quickly and leaves no residual product.

Technische informatie

Base: Mixture of alcohols and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Density: 0.743 g/ml Purpose: Degreasing and cleaning of brakes and other metal parts that needs to be cleaned. Evaporates completely. Consistency: Clear liquid Evaporation rate: < 3 minutes, depend on layer thickness, humidity and temperature. Non volatiles (120°C): none Penetration capacity: Good Surface tension: not determined Viscosity (25° C): < 3 mPa.s Degreasing power: Good Flash point: Propellant: No flashpoint while CO2 propelled

Other information

Type of substrate: All solvent resistant materials, i.e. all metals, most plastics and most lacquers. Method of application: Spray on - rinse off cleaner. Spray product on and clean part. Give product some time to work on persistent dirt and then apply the product again. Temperature of application: 0 °C - +40 °C Other details and remarks: Easy and quick application, high delivery, can be used both upright as upside down. Product code 500ml: 788024 Product code 400ml: 000543 Content Aerosol: 400/ 500ml

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