Tecflow Silicone Spray


silicone spray


Tecflow Silicone Spray is an non sticky, low surface tension (high film forming capacity) all-purpose lubricant. Tecflow Silicone Spray is non-reactive to most substances, maintains its greasiness in extreme temperature ranges, low friction, and does not oxidize. These same qualities make it an excellent rubber product in hostile environments. Tecflow Silicone Spray speeds processing in heat-sealing, packaging and processing machinery and works especially well on porous items, such as plastic parts, but is a good lubricant on locks, hinges, garage door rollers, pulleys, bearings etc.

Lubrication of metal / plastic and metal / wood

Protects electronic contacts against moisture

Prolongs and preserves rubber

Non-reactive all-purpose lubricant

Prevents sticking and squeaking.

Retards rust and tarnish


Technical information

Base: A mixture of silicone- and mineral oils with additives. Specific Gravity: (liquid H2O=1) 0.634 Product usage: Protects, maintains and lubricates plastic and metal parts. Consistency: Colorless liquid Recommend. layer thickness: A thin layer will be sufficient. Percentage lubricant: Approx. 8.8% Adhesion: Excellent for plastics and rubbers Penetration capacity: Good Surface tension: Not applicable Viscosity: Not applicable Mechanical stability: High mechanical stability Lubricating capacity: Excellent Pressure resistance: Good Temperature resistance: - 20 °C to +225 °C UV-resistance: Not applicable Water resistance: Good Acid resistance: Resists diluted acids Corrosion protection: Good Solvent resistance: Poor

Other information

Oil: approx. 235 °C Solvent: < 0 °C Propellant: < 0 °C Product code: 788026 Content Aerosol: 400ml

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