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Shipping and pleasure craft both have to do with a passion for water transport. This can be for transporting cargo, thousands of people on a cruise or yourself with a few friends on a pleasure yacht.

Optimal lubrication

Ceramic Additive

In shipping, the engines are of a different caliber than in automotive. The engines are larger with more cylinders and can deliver many times more horsepower.

Lubrication is of great importance in such engines that run for thousands of hours a year. Tecflow has developed a special ceramic motor oil additive to optimize lubrication and to minimize wear.

We make this ceramic addition especially for your engine so that it matches the characteristics of the engine and achieves optimum lubrication.

High quality oil

Oil has many different grades and this is of great importance with large engines. This is because it is about the service life and reliability of the engines that partly depend on lubrication.

Tecflow delivers the highest quality engine oil for the engine of your ship. Together with you we look at the characteristics of your ship’s engine and we deliver a customized oil. This is possible to deliver with the Ceramic Addition from Tecflow incorporated in order to achieve optimum lubrication.

Tecflow Special fuel additive

Fuel System Cleaners

As with every combustion engine, residual products remain after the combustion of the diesel, which can be harmful to the engine. The smallest form of contamination in the engine results in the engine operating less efficiently. Think about:

  • Higher oil and fuel consumption
  • Higher emissions
  • Reduced power

Tecflow produces a fuel additive specially for your boat, cargo ship or other water transport for cleaning your engine, which also removes algae from the tank.

Algae / Bacteria in diesel tank

After a while, every company or boat owner with its own diesel tanker or stationary boat runs into the problem that moisture forms in the bottom of the tank and causes algae to develop. The algae can cause the following problems:

  • Clogging the fuel filters
  • Flakes and pollution of the fuel
  • polluted or clogged injectors
  • Can cause rust in the tank and pipes

The algae feed on the diesel and multiplied rapidly in the bottom of the diesel tank

Tecflow produces a fuel additive specially for your boat that is added to the diesel tanker and then the algae removed from the tank. Because the product emulsifies with water, this also prevents the algae from re-nesting in the tank.

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