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Less Power?

Does your car no longer have the power it had? Is the power occasionally lost or does the RPM fluctuate? This is common and generally due to heavy pollution.

Fuel Filter

What occurs most often is a clogged fuel filter. This blocks a lot of fuel and ensures that not enough fuel goes to the engine block. You can press the pedal as deep as you want, but nothing happens at all. From a certain point no more fuel comes through and that hinders acceleration. If this is the case, you can simply renew the fuel filter and keep it clean with Tecflow Speed Cleaner

Heavily contaminated EGR valve

An EGR system is a so-called Exhaust Gas Recirculation System. This ensures that the part of the exhaust gases are cooled and returned to the combustion chamber. In this way the temperature in the combustion chamber remains lower so that less NOx is formed. Only by ciculating the exhaust gasses a thick layer of deposit be formed. This soot layer can lead to a drastic reduction in power.

Soot Filter

The soot filter is also slowly contaminated by the deposits in the EGR valve. This can even be so bad that the soot filter gets clogged. By clogging the soot filter, the engine can lose power and is also very bad for the environment.

Clogged intake manifold

It is also possible that the intake manifold becomes contaminated, this is due to the same reason as the soot filter. All exhaust gasses leave a trail when they are led back into the combustion chamber via the intake manifold. This makes it possible that it clogs up or narrows. When this happens, the engine power and fuel consumption will certainly decrease.

What is also common is an air mass meter that is defective, as a result you immediately notice that the power reduces.

When it comes to light pollution you can clean it with Tecflow Speed Cleaner, as in most cases it is serious pollution, we recommend Tecflow Speed Cleaner and Tecflow Top Engine Cleaner to use both. This combination cleans the system through the fuel system and the air inlet.

Air intake

Tecflow Engine Cleaner cleans the entire inlet section including EGR, soot filter and intake manifold


Cleans the Injectors from dirt and carbon deposits to improve the ignition

moisture in tank

Emulsifies with moisture and causes it to gradually burn.


Prevents rust and motor problems by regularly cleaning your fuel system

reduced emissions

A clean engine works more efficiently and therefore uses less fuel, oil and emits less

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