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Radiator Protection

Do you have the idea that your cars suffers from a leaking cooling system or a leaking radiator? This is easy to prevent. With some cars it occurs more often when stones can easily hit the radiator.


This is easily to be prevent by adding a Tecflow Radiator Sealer to
the cooling system. This conditions the complete cooling system and when
a leak occurs it is immediately sealed.

When using Tecflow Radiator Sealer you protect the cooling system for
a period of up to one year. You simply add this to the coolant when the
engine is running and the Radiator Sealer does the rest of the job.

This also ensures:

  • Close hair cracks and small leaks
  • Prevents corrosion and rust formation
  • Maintenance water pump and heating circulation
  • Does not affect gaskets and metal
  • 1 vial for 12 liters of coolant
  • Mixes with all coolants

For the optimal result keep your car up to date with the Tecflow sealer and try to do this procedure once a year.


Prevent leaks and hairline cracks in your radiator or cooling system

Close hairline cracks

Often small leaks are silent killers, close and prevent them with Radiator Sealer

All coolants

Can easily be added with any coolant on the market

Need help finding the right additive? We are experts!

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