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High Oil Consumption

Many engines are known for consuming a lot of oil. It sometimes happens that one liter of oil has to be added every 500km. The general cause are oil scraper springs, when these are too narrow they will pollute way more quickly.

easy to clean

Many people with the well-known oil shredders say they have no problems at all. They indicate to clean the engine in time with an additive. The best Tecflow product  to use is Tecflow Engine Flush. This is an additive that is added to the oil. Let the car idle for half an hour, drain the oil, replace the oil filter and your oil compartment is cleaned.

This is an additive that loosens the sludge  and cleans the oil scraper spring.

This could be the solution for many engines to reduce oil consumption. If you have an engine  that is known for his high oil consumption this product will most definitely improve the oil consumption over a longer period of time.


It can also be prevented by adding Tecflow Ceramic Engine Protector to the oil. This keeps the oil compartment clean and protects the engine up to 50,000 km.

High oil consumption

Cleaning the engine compartment cleans the oil scraper springs, which can reduce oil consumption

Sludge and pollution

Cleans the engine compartment from all sludge and contamination

Before every oil change

ideal for an oil change to not immediately contaminate the new oil

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