Tecflow Ceramic Engine Protector



Tecflow Ceramic Engine Protector is a multi-functional full-synthetic based ceramic engine oil additive which,  compared to all the existing ceramic- and PTFE based engine oil additives, is unique in concept and superior in properties. In addition to shear-stable polymers, anti-oxidants, detergents and corrosion inhibitors and “soft ceramic” particles Tecflow also contains a technically advanced combination of multi-organometallic complexes that reinforce the tribiological properties of the ceramic additive.

This synergism guaranties effective engine lubrication under the most extreme conditions. It will reduce excessive engine wear to an absolute minimum. The high degree of bonding to the metal (polarity) results in a solid and unequalled molecular lubricating film on the most critical wear-sensitive parts of the engine. This not only prevents surfacing lubrication (metal to metal contact) but also ensures a rapid heat transfer. In addition to its polar properties Tecflow Ceramic Engine Protector also improves the load carrying capacity of the lube film.

restore/improvement of engine power

Extending the life of the engine

Lowers engine temperature

Reduction of harmful emissions

Long-term protection of the engine

Reduction of engine wear

Reduced engine noise (possible solution for engine ticking)

reduction of wear during the cold start (80% of wear occurs during the cold start)

Reduction of oil and fuel consumption


Tecflow Ceramic Engine Protector must be added to the engine oil at operating temperature. The multi-organometallic complexes in combination with the ceramic materials immediately adhere to the most critical (wear-resistant) parts of the engine. This not only creates a lubricating film with “long-life” properties, but also a rapid heat transfer. In addition, Tecflow C.E.P prevents glazing of the cylinders, resulting in better sealing of the pistons in the cylinders, an optimal combustion, resulting in an increase in engine power and a reduction in the emission of harmful exhaust gases.

Operation time

Given the excellent adhesion to metal of this advanced ceramic multi-organometallic complex, even under extreme engine conditions, the protective effect for 50,000 KM will be guaranteed

Other informationOverige Informatie

Tecflow Ceramic Engine Protector contains 40 liquid components and ultra-fine soft ceramic particles with a size of 0.3 to 0.7 microns and cannot cause clogging of oil filters and or oil channels.

Content: Can 450ml
Product code: 788038

"very good experiences in a 1.6 TDI and a 2.0 8V petrol engine. Both VW. Excellent cold start, slightly lower consumption, but mainly a very smooth and" quieter "running of the engine with a noticeably lower oil consumption."

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