Ceramic Chain Spray


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Ceramic Chain Spray

Tecflow Ceramic Chain Spray is a ‘high performance’ ceramic chain spray suitable for all types of chains. The product is specially developed for the highest demands in terms of lubrication and adhesion. The ultra-fine ceramic particles provide unique lubricating properties even after long-term thermal and atmospheric influence. The adhesion is very good and in addition, the product is saltwater resistant and protects against corrosion. Tecflow Ceramic Chain Spray is free of silicone and harmful metals.


  • Suitable for all types of chains (including X & O ring)
  • Unique adhesion and lubrication.
  • Optimal creeping properties.
  • Temperature resistance -20°C to 1200°C.
  • Resistant to salt water and steam.
  • Free of metals


Base: Calcium complex grease enriched with ceramic particles, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion additives. Product use: Chain spray for bicycles, motorcycles, car washes, machines, forklifts, etc. Also applicable as water-resistant lubricant. Consistency: white, greasy Drying time: 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the temperature Dry residual value (120°C): 32% (w/w) Adhesion: Very good Penetration capacity: Good Surface tension: Not determined Viscosity: Not determined Mechanical stability: Good Lubricating properties: Good EP properties: Very good Temperature range: – 20°C – + 1200°C UV resistance: Good Water resistance: Very good, both salt water, powerful jet and steam. Acid resistance: Good Corrosion protection: Good Flashpoint: Oil and grease ± 240°C Solvent: < 0°C Driving gas: < 0°C Product code: 000376 Packaging content: 400ml spray can”


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