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Car won't start

When the starter works but the engine doesn’t start, most of the times the battery will not be the problem. You can often hear the noise yourself, when the battery does not provide enough power to start the car, the starter sounds a bit weak and just does not turn on.

Where to start?

There are multiple factors which can make sure that this problem can occur. To begin with, you can inspect whether the spark plugs are sparking. Secondly you could check whether they are turned black or not due to the pollution. When they spark and are clean enough, you should see if the fuel gets into the cylinder correctly.

If you have an older car it is probably easier to find the problem, this is due to the fact that most older cars have a fuel line which easily gets disconnected. When it’s disconnected just check if the fuel is able to come out. When no fuel gets out, your fuel filter most likely is filled with dirt and no fuel can pass the filter.  This often occurs when the fuel filter is not replaced in time. When you drive up to the moment your tank is almost empty, all dirt from the bottom of your tank will get collected in your filter. When your filter is clogged, just replace the fuel filter, this is often the solution. When your filter needs to be replaced because of the collected dirt. There is also a high chance your injectors will be filled with dirt as well.

When the fuel gets through the fuel filter you should see if the fuel ends up in the cylinder correctly. When no or a little of the fuel gets in the cylinder this might be because of polluted injectors. These must be cleaned so the fuel can pass the injectors. This will make sure the injectors spray much better and with this you will restore your car’s HP.

Many problems can be caused by pollution, but these problems can also get caused by a mechanical setback like:

  • Fuel pump that is not working/ not working properly
  • Not working glow plug
  • Electronic interference

Many people struggle every morning but the car still starts. Our advice is to clean the fuel system. This cleans everything where the fuel comes along and this could solve the problem. You can easily clean the fuel system using Tecflow Speed Cleaner. This also often prevents many problems and keeps the fuel system in top condition.



Cleans the Injectors from dirt and carbon deposits to improve the ignition

Moisture in Tank

Emulsifies with moisture and causes it to gradually burn.


Prevents rust and motor problems by regularly cleaning your fuel system

reduced emissions

A clean engine works more efficiently and therefore uses less fuel, oil and emits less

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