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cleaning catalytic converter

A catalyst is a component that is located in the exhaust system. All exhaust gases go out through the catalyst and many harmful exhaust gases are collected. This system has been used for many years and is almost never blocked under optimal conditions, but unfortunately this is not always the case.
You recognize a contaminated catalyst by:
– Higher fuel consumption
– Power loss
– High emissions
– Smell rotten eggs often in and around the car
– Spare parts in the catalyst


A Catalytic converter is like a honey board with tiny passages for the exhaust gases. In optimum conditions, a catalyst almost never clogs, but you understand that when working with such small margins, the smallest problem can have a major effect on the catalyst. Catalysts clog or get contaminated by:

– High oil consumption
– Refueling with wrong fuel and restarting
– Worn out spark plugs or spark plug cables
– Incorrectly adjusted ignition
– Lambda sensor not working properly
– Damage to the catalyst itself
– driving short distances

This can drastically contaminate the catalyst or lead to a “Melt Down”. This means that fuel enters the catalyst and it ignites by itself, this causes the catalyst to become so hot that it melts inside.

When the catalyst has had a melt down, it will have to be replaced, but if it is contaminated, there are additives for this that could possibly dissolve. Tecflow Speed Cleaner is a fuel additive that also cleans the catalyst, among other things. Because this product can dissolve the non-combusted or caked carbon residues, there is a good chance that this can still save your catalyst. It also cleans the entire fuel system and also helps prevent the catalyst from becoming contaminated.

Cleaning Catalytic Converter

Tecflow Speed Cleaner makes it easy to clean and maintain your Catalytic Converter

Reduced fuel consumption

The cleaner the engine, the more efficient the combustion takes place, which prevents excessive consumption


Cleans the Injectors from dirt and carbon deposits to improve the ignition


Prevents rust and motor problems by regularly cleaning your fuel system

reduced emissions

A clean engine works more efficiently and therefore uses less fuel, oil and emits less

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