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Pinging or knocking also means that the petrol of gas ignites itself. This means that the fuel does not ignite by the spark plugs but ignites itself. When the ignition happens earlier than planned, the piston are not in the correct place but the ignition already takes place. This means that the piston gets a huge blow in the wrong direction. This can cause enormous engine damage and in serious cases a hole in the piston.

There are a number of notifications for this phenomenon:

95 or 98?

This problem only occurs with petrol engines, factory car runs on 2 types of petrol, octane 95 or 98. When your car indicates to run on 98, only tank 98. Petrol with octane 95 ignites at a lower temperature than octane 98, causing the fuel to ignite earlier than at 98, this can cause pinging which is actually very easy to prevent.

Engine Cooling

If the engine cooling is not right, it is possible that the combustion chamber can become hot enough to ignite the petrol. At the moment the piston goes up it’s creating a pressure that creates heat and that will cause the explosion of the petrol.


What happens most of the time is that pieces of coal glow in the combustion chamber. The carbon remaining becomes so hot that it can ignite the fuel. The carbon that remain will be created when you drive short distances. This is also bad for your turbo because the hot carbon can damage the materials.

To Clean the combustion chambers we recommend Tecflow Speed Cleaner or Top Engine Cleaner for this extreme pollution.

Carbon residues

Tecflow Engine Cleaner is a product specifically for removing carbon and soot residues from the engine.

Air intake

Tecflow Engine Cleaner cleans the entire inlet section including EGR, soot filter and intake manifold

Turbo cleaning

Also cleans the possibly present turbo when the car is treated with Tecflow Engine Cleaner

Soot filter

Also cleans the possibly present Soot filter when the car is treated with Tecflow Engine Cleaner

Clean EGR Valve

Also cleans the possibly present EGR valve when the car is treated with Tecflow Engine Cleaner

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