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Clean your EGR valve

The EGR-system is a good system to reduce emissions and especially wtih NOx. This system re-uses the exhaust gases to cool the combustion chamber. The only drawback is that the exhaust gases leave a layer of dirt behind, polluting the EGR-system, the intake manifold and the inlet valves. This can genuinely be bad for the EGR-system, up to a point where the system starts to get narrower, your intake manifold becomes so narrow, the result will be a sufficient power loss.


In order to be able to clean properly, 2 products are needed, a product that cleans the fuel system, Tecflow Speed Cleaner and Tecflow Top Engine Cleaner that cleans the fuel system by the air inlet.

This optimally cleans the EGR system, the EGR valves, the intake manifold and the inlet valves. The soot and carbon deposit is immediately removed by  Tecflow Top Engine Cleaner and Tecflow Speed Cleaner.


  • Cleans the intake section
  • Cleans the EGR System
  • Cleans the Fuel system
  • Cleans PDF
  • Removes soot and carbon
  • Reduce back fuel consumption
  • Reduce emissions

Air intake

Tecflow Engine Cleaner cleans the entire inlet section including EGR, soot filter and intake manifold


Cleans the Injectors from dirt and carbon deposits to improve the ignition

moisture in tank

Emulsifies with moisture and causes it to gradually burn


Prevents rust and motor problems by regularly cleaning your fuel system

reduced emissions

A clean engine works efficiently and therefore uses less fuel, oil and emits less

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