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Every motorcyclist cannot wait for the leaves to shine on the trees and the rain stays away from the sun’s rays. It starts to itch to open the gas just as well after the engine has warmed up and to enjoy all the liberties that this world can offer, because that’s just how it feels.

Your motorcycle is not just about moving from A to B, it’s about your freedom, it’s your motorcycle that nobody else knows as well as you know it. You therefore want to protect him from all the troubles that may arise and give all the love that is possible.

aging gasoline

Today, gasoline does not last longer than 90 days before it becomes “out of date”. This can have serious consequences for your engine. If you want to prevent this, we recommend adding a 2-stroke or 4-stroke fuel additive to the fuel.

Ceramic Addition

Engine oil is not sufficient to guarantee ultimate lubrication and protection. Over the years, Tecflow has developed various ceramic motor oil additives that function as ceramic armor because it adheres to the metal, but can also provide the ultimate lubrication due to the lubrication properties.

Fuel Additive

Every incineration has a residual product and that also works when burning gasoline. The carbon residues that remain in the engine ensure that the engine runs less efficiently and can even cost the engine a considerable part of its life. That is why Tecflow has developed a line of fuel system cleaners especially for the motorcycle and scooter industry.

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