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Tecflow Ceramic Gear Protector (C.G.P) is a multifunctional ceramic transmission additive that is unique in concept and superior in properties to all existing ceramic and PTFE (Teflon) based transmission additives. In addition to anti-oxidants, polymers, and anti-wear additives, Tecflow C.G.P also contains ultra-fine particles of “soft” ceramic.


Tecflow Ceramic Gear Protector reduces the friction between the gears and has unique EP and anti-wear properties that protect the tooth flanks against high plane pressures and shear forces, ensuring smoother shifting under extreme conditions. The use of Tecflow Ceramic Gear Protector will greatly minimize wear on the gears and reduce the noise level of the transmission.


  • Smoother shifting.
  • Reduction of wear.
  • Reduction of friction.
  • Improved EP properties
  • Reduces noise level


Not suitable for use in automatic transmissions and limited slip (limited slip) differential. For use only in manual transmissions and mixable with all types of transmission oil

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