Tecflow Ceramic Gear Protector


Gear Protector


Tecflow Ceramic Gear Protector (C.G.P) is a multifunctional Ceramic gearbox addition that is unique in concept and properties superior to all existing ceramic and PTFE (Teflon) based gearbox additions. In addition to antioxidants, polymers and anti-wear additives, Tecflow C.G.P also contains ultra-fine particles of “soft” ceramics.

Tecflow Ceramic Gear Protector reduces friction between the gears and has unique EP and anti-wear properties that protect the flanks against high surface pressures and shear forces, ensuring smoother shifting under extreme conditions. Application of Tecflow Ceramic Gear Protector will limit the wear on the gears to an absolute minimum and reduce the noise level of the gearbox.

Smoother shifting

Reduction of wear

Reduction in friction

Improved EP properties

Reduces noise level



Not suitable for use in automatic gearboxes and limited slip.  Only for use in manual gearboxes and can be mixed with all types of gearbox oil

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