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High fuel consumption

For many people it is considered normal that after a while a car will start to use more fuel and that the fuel consumption goes up hand in hand with the mileage. However, it is often quite easily to reduce, by using the correct products and check the tips bellow for extra mileage.

Little check

Let’s start by checking these things:

  • Tire pressure, this can cost a lot of extra fuel if the tires are not on the right pressure 
  • Air conditioning, make sure it’s not running unnecessary

To maintain

The following has to do with maintaining and cleaning the car on time. For example, you should pay attention to replace the fuel filter in time. If you often drive the tank up to the point that it is almost empty, you should pay attention at the fuel filter, due to the fact that all dirt from the bottom of the tank will fill up the fuel filter.

Clean every 10,000km the fuel system so that you:

  • Clean injectors
  • Clean Catalyst / diesel particle filter
  • EGR Valve cleans
  • Clean inlet manifold
  • Clean the fuel lines

This is important because these parts often pollute and can lead to high fuel and repair costs. With many brands you have to use a separate cleaner for each component, which will be much more expensive and time consuming. With Tecflow Speed Cleaner you can clean everything at one go so you can easily maintain the car, and get your money worth with the saved mileage.

This can prevent many engine management failures that can also increase fuel consumption. When an engine cannot burn its fuel efficiently due to the fact that the sensors are polluted, this can cost a lot of fuel consumption.

Reduced fuel consumption

The cleaner the engine, the more efficient the combustion takes place, which prevents excessive consumption


Cleans the Injectors from dirt and carbon deposits to improve the ignition

Moisture in tank

Emulsifies with moisture and causes it to gradually burn.


Prevents rust and motor problems by regularly cleaning your fuel system

reduced emissions

A clean engine works more efficiently and therefore uses less fuel, oil and emits less

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