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Fuel system cleaner

Fuel system cleaners from Tecflow are products that are added to the fuel.

Oil system cleaner

Oil system cleaners are products that are added to clean the engine's oil compartment.

Air inlet cleaner

Tecflow sells a multifunctional decarbonizer that is used via the air inlet.

Ceramic Engine Protector

Tecflow Ceramic Engine Protector is the engine oil additive to prevent wear.


Your motorcycle is your beloved who may only be cared for with excellent products.

Maintenance and services

Maintenance and services must be performed and only with the best products.

Our Producten

We are the industry leaders and produce the most reliable solutions you are looking for.

Ceramic lubricants

The power of ceramics is that it works up to the molecular level and can therefore deliver exceptional lubrication.

Engine Cleaners

An engine is powered by fuel and air. The engine then exerts its power in the engine oil. Tecflow has developed 3 cleaners to optimally clean all these processes.

Service Products

When you are working, it is important that the products you work with throughout the day are of high quality and do not let you down.

The only place where you get the perfect solution for your workplace

Industries that we serve!​


Since 1970 Tecflow has been producing the highest quality products for the automotive world, where you can think of ceramic oil additives, engine cleaners but also products to simplify work in the workplace.


A fleet of trucks can come to the rescue of many products to optimize the fleet or to solve a problem or preferably even prevent problems.


Keeping your motorcycle (s) in optimum condition is the dream of every motorcycle owner. Therefore only the best products can be used to keep your motorcycle in top condition.


Without machines, the whole farmer's life stands still today, which is why it is essential to maintain agricultural machinery in order not to be left empty-handed. Tecflow supplies the required cleaning agents and lubricants.


From pleasure boating to large yachts, they have special needs when it comes to lubrication, oil and fuel. Tecflow supplies specially tailor-made products that meet your needs.


There are different lubrication and cleaning needs in every industry. Sometimes a long-term lubrication is important or a lubricant where high temperatures should not be a problem.

Need help with lubrication or cleaning in your workplace? We are experts!

About US

50 long years of excellent production with quality at its best!

Tecflow offers a range of high-quality ceramic lubricants, specialized fuel system cleaners, additives, oils and maintenance products. We are Tecflow a company that was founded in 1966 and is still run by the founder to this day. We are still working on improving the products every day. We continue to work with the best products that we have been able to find over the years.

We are there for you, your engine and your next generations.

  • Always look for the least friction in your engine
  • Try to solve as many problems as possible with a single product
  • Continues to innovate in the field of cleaning, lubrication and service products
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