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In 1970 the first Tecflow decarburization product was developed and the basis was laid for all Tecflow cleaning products. This arrived in the Netherlands as a groundbreaking development around engine maintenance. Due to the success and high demand, the range was expanded in 1974 with fuel system cleaners for gasoline and diesel engines.

In the 1980s, Tecflow became the home supplier of Lasaulec and Apco. Through this collaboration, Tecflow filled shelves in more than a hundred branches in the Netherlands and was one of the largest additive producers in the Netherlands.

Cleaning the engine wasn’t enough for Tecflow. Many parts of an engine wear out faster than necessary and therefore also caused contamination. Research was done to minimize friction in engines to minimalize pollution and extent service life and performance. A Ceramics species was then discovered which had never been used before and yielded unprecedented results in tests.

From this moment on, Tecflow knew that its nature was not only about producing engine cleaners, but was also concerned with the development of products to optimize and maintain engines.

In the 90s there was a growing demand from workshops for high quality service products, something that Tecflow felt at home with. Again, research was started on the best possible service products such as chain spray, lubricating greases, radiator sealer and more products for a workshop.

In 1997 the mandatory soot measurement was introduced at MOT inspections and a product was needed that could reduce emissions. Tecflow had these products on the shelf since the 70s and this created a huge demand and not just from the Netherlands.

From the 2000s onwards, Tecflow has taken an enormous leap and became more well-known throughout Europe and became known as a supplier of the highest quality products.

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