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Together with the drivers, the fleet is the heart of the transport world. Both can perform optimally in the ideal situation. To achieve this ideal situation, there are a number of variables that can influence this. When it comes to the engine of the truck or bus, many problems can be prevented and profits can be made. Trucks and buses are at the forefront of the automotive world because these are the workhorses that keep the fast-growing economy going and therefore have to drive a lot of miles. Because of these many kilometers, small profits can turn out very big and Tecflow is working on this. By listening to the market and continuing to develop automotive products so that they would be perfect for the transport world.

Ceramic Additive

Engine oil is intended to guarantee lubrication in the engine and to minimize friction and this is achieved to a certain point. Tecflow finds this point only too low to be able to say that lubrication is maximized. The next step in lubrication requires a product that attaches itself to the moving parts in the engine and acts as an armor to protect the metal parts and to achieve lubrication down to the molecular level.

Tecflow produces a special Ceramic engine oil additive for each type of engine or supplies it together with the engine oil when maintenance is taking place. You can expect this after adding the ceramic motor oil addition.

  • Returning lost engine power
  • Extending the service life of the engine
  • lowers the engine temperature
  • reduction of wear
  • reduced engine noise
  • 80% reduction in wear during cold start
  • reduction of oil and fuel consumption

Tecflow Clean UP

Fuel System Cleaner

As with every combustion engine, residual products remain after the combustion of the diesel, which can be harmful to the engine. The smallest form of contamination in the engine results in the engine operating less efficiently. Think about:

  • Higher oil and fuel consumption
  • Higher emissions
  • Reduce power
  • Close up of soot filters

By adding Tecflow Clean Up to the fuel tanker, every truck or bus is cleaned without having to think about it.

Algae / bacteria in fuel tank

Many transport companies have their own diesel tanker to be able to fuel their fleet. After a while, every company with its own diesel tanker runs into the problem that moisture forms at the bottom of the tank and ensures the development of algae. The algae can cause the following problems:

  • Clogging the fuel filters
  • Flakes and pollution of the fuel
  • polluted or clogged injectors
  • Can cause rust in the tank and pipes

The algae / bacteria  feed on the diesel and multiplied rapidly in the bottom of the diesel tank

Tecflow supplies Clean Up, which is added to the diesel tanker and then the algae are removed from the tank. Because the product emulsifies with water, this also prevents the algae from re-nesting in the tank.

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