Engine Flush


Tecflow Engine Flush efficiently removes sludge and built-up carbon, It dissolves contaminants, cleans oil channels and helps to free lifters and valves!

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Engine Flush

Tecflow Engine Flush is a oil system cleaner that cleans all parts lubricated by motor oil, preventing the immediate contamination of new oil after replacing by leftover residues.

Cleaning the oil system/engine block is not an unnecessary luxury as is often claimed, and certainly not for newer types of engines. Contamination can be very harmful, especially for cars with hydraulic valve lifters. Contamination can cause reduced oil pressure in the gallery that feeds the hydraulic lifters. The filling of the high pressure chambers is not complete, resulting in play between the top of the valve stem and the top of the chamber, which can be heard clearly. Contamination can also result in the ball not properly sealing the high pressure chamber, causing ticking of the hydraulic lifters.


  • cleans the oil scraper and makes stuck hydraulic valve lifters operable again
  • prevents contamination of new oil by leftover residues
  • cleans the oil pump, pump screen, and pressure relief valve
  • cleans the feed line to the camshaft
  • cleans all oil channels, keeping oil pressure optimal
  • cleans accumulated dirt at the oil sender
  • contains EP and anti-corrosion additives for extra protection


  • All gasoline and diesel engines with or without Turbo
  • All stationary engines


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