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Cleaning Soot Filter

A soot filter is a good system for reducing emissions. Only it is a system that can pollute itself enormously. This is because the soot filter filters 30% to 95% of the soot from the exhaust gases.

The disadvantage is that over time the soot filter can become extremely dirty and even clogged up. This can have nasty consequences and not just for emissions:

– High fuel consumption
– High emissions
– Fault / warning messages
– Vehicle failure or emergency run
– The car can stink


when the soot filter is clogged, no more additives can be added and the filter must be replaced. The replacement costs between 1000 and 1500 euros.

To clean the soot filter you need Tecflow Top Engine Cleaner, this product specializes in decarburizing, cleaning soot and deposits. You must apply this through the air inlet and thereby also clean the entire inlet section. Often when the soot filter is contaminated, the intake system also contaminates quickly such as:

– Intake manifold
– Valves

To prevent pollution as, we recommend using a fuel additive such as Speed Cleaner or the clean ups every 10,000 km.

Soot filter

Door de sterken ontkolende eigenschap reinigt u perfect het roetfilter met een behandeling met Tecflow Engine Cleaner

Carbon residues

Tecflow Engine Cleaner is a product specifically for removing carbon and soot residues from the engine.

Air intake

Tecflow Engine Cleaner cleans the entire inlet section including EGR, soot filter and intake manifold

Turbo cleaning

Also cleans the possibly present turbo when the car is treated with Tecflow Engine Cleaner

EGR Valve Cleaning

Also cleans the possibly present EGR valve when the car is treated with Tecflow Engine Cleaner

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