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Engine Cleaner

Top Engine Cleaner is a strong cleaner and decarbonizer that is applied through the air inlet of the engine. This cleans the engine through the air in the strongest and most effective way. This product is specifically aimed at removing coal, dirt and deposits. It is applicable to both gasoline and diesel engines with or without turbo and catalytic converter.


If heavy pollution and carbon deposits remain in the cylinders, they can ignite the fuel if they start to glow and cause pinging. Tecflow Engine Cleaner removes this carbon and can prevent pinging or remedy if it is caused by the carbon deposits.


If carbon deposits are left in the cylinder, this can glow and cause the fuel to ignite due to the heat of the glowing carbon deposits. Tecflow Engine Cleaner removes this carbon deposits and can prevent and remedy Dieseling if it is caused by carbon deposits.

Contaminated EGR valve

A polluted EGR valve can cause many problems such as less power, higher emissions, clogging of the inlet and more unpleasant incidents. To clean the EGR valve, we recommend first to use the Tecflow Engine Cleaner and then Speed Cleaner. In this way you optimize the cleaning process.

Restore Power

Tecflow Top Engine Cleaner can restore lost power when it is caused by pollution. The Tecflow Engine Cleaner cleans from the inlet / carburetor and specializes in the removal of carbon deposits.

Contaminated Soot filter

A dirty or almost clogged soot filter is incredibly bad for the car’s engine and engine management, the car can fail, malfunctions can appear, high emissions, less power, the car can stink and many more annoying incidents. When the filter is clogged, it can only be replaced. Cleaning a contaminated soot filter is possible, but when the pollution has accumulated so much, it often becomes a bit more difficult, but not always impossible. We recommend using Tecflow Engine Cleaner in combination with Speed Cleaner

Polluted Turbo

If you want to clean your turbo, Top Engine Cleaner is the right product for this because it spreads through the airways of the car. You can then perfectly maintain the turbo with Tecflow Speed Cleaner every 10,000 km.


Carburetor under air filter
If your engine has a carburetor that is easily accessible by removing an air filter, it is advisable to spray it directly on the carburetor. This also cleans the carburetor itself.

No or difficult to reach carburetor
If no carburetor is present or not easily accessible, disconnect the air intake hose from the air filter and this input is used.

The treatment

Turn on the engine. You spray the Top Engine Cleaner into the carburetor of air intake (CAUTION the RPM of the diesel engine rises). Do this until the spray can is empty and Switch off the engine for 15 min, so that the Engine Cleaner can work perfectly on the carbon and dirt layer. You then drive 15 km by car, this is often accompanied by a lot of smoke and dirt that comes out of the exhaust in the form of black or blue smoke. The treatment is then complete.


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