Speed Cleaner


Speed Cleaner is a strong cleaner which cleans the Jets, Valves, Fuel lines, Pistons, Carburettor, Valve seats, Cylinder head, Injectors, Turbo and more!

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Speed Cleaner

Tecflow Speed Cleaner is a highly concentrated, powerful fuel system cleaner that cleans the fuel pump, carburetor, injectors, cylinder heads, pistons, valves, turbo, and more.

Speedcleaner is a fast cleaner, suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines, that is added to gasoline or diesel. The goal of Tecflow Speed cleaner is to immediately and quickly clean the entire fuel system and injection system in order to obtain an emission value that is acceptable for a well-functioning engine and for APK requirements. It is also problem-solving and preventative.

Can help with problems such as:

  • Hard starting
  • High oil consumption
  • High fuel consumption
  • Poor idle
  • Engine light
  • Reduced engine power
  • Post-injection or pinging
  • High emission (APK)
  • Condensation water in tank
  • Catalyst / soot filter light

Cleans the following parts:

  • Lines and fuel tank
  • Injectors / nozzles
  • Fuel pump
  • Fuel injectors
  • Exhaust valves
  • Valve trains
  • Turbo
  • EGR System
  • Catalyst
  • Soot filter
  • Lambda sensor
  • Cylinder head
  • APK / High Emission


Moisture will be removed from the tank and lines. Tecflow Speed Cleaner absorbs the moisture and ensures it is burned and disappears from the fuel system.

Dirty injectors / injector cleaner

Dirty injectors are a common problem that occurs when the fuel filter is not replaced in time. When your injectors are dirty or partially clogged, Tecflow Speed Cleaner can clean them so that they spray again.

Fuel system

Tecflow Speed Cleaner is a strong fuel system cleaner. This means that everything is cleaned where the fuel passes. From the fuel tank to the catalyst will be cleaned by the Speed Cleaner.

Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption often increases as the mileage increases. This is mainly due to engine contamination and can be removed by Tecflow Speed Cleaner, reducing the remaining fuel consumption caused by contamination.

Exhaust System

When you want to maintain and clean your dirty soot filter, EGR valve, or catalyst, Speed Cleaner is suitable. It removes carbon and gum build-up from the exhaust system, if the contamination is extreme you should use Tecflow Top Engine Cleaner.


Speed Cleaner is a cleaner specialized in cleaning the complete fuel system and drastically reduces emission. Speed Cleaner is originally a product produced to help your car reduce emission on average by 40% within 25km.

How to use

How to use Tecflow Speed Cleaner

  • First, shake the bottle well.
  • Add the contents of the bottle to the fuel tank.
  • Drive at least 25km.
  • The engine will run smoothly and the emission will be reduced.

22 reviews for Speed Cleaner

  1. Devilhouben

    You will notice it

  2. TimmyOdanaos

    Deeply impressed by the speed and effectiveness. I have used Tecflow Speed ​​Cleaner in a pinging, smoking and smelly old ride-on mower with a dosage of about 5 mL Tecflow per liter of fuel directly into the fuel tank. Within minutes, the engine turned more stable and delivered noticeably more power, and odor / smoke was noticeably less.

  3. Saloek

    I needed this because my mechanic had the “bright” idea to pour gasoline, which he had sucked from a diesel car, which had been refueled incorrectly, into my tank. Just about immediately an error message emission problem-catalyst and shutdown and sputtering engine. Also the cooling that was always blowing hard. Put this product in my tank and drove 30Km with it. Hopla, error message gone and no more sputtering.

  4. Valaer

    after reading my car for error, slightly away from incorrect catalytic converter.
    but back after a few days.
    try this product and after a few weeks the light will also disappear.

  5. Collector76

    Already after 50 km after adding and having driven at a warm engine and higher speeds, the difference is very noticeable, especially for the well-known competitive products such as a Wynns. Price quality is absolutely recommended

  6. Borderhusky

    Does what it should do
    Car starts faster, engine runs more quietly and more power.
    Have also used it for the scooter with the same good results.
    Will soon order 1 more for my 4-stroke tool and lawn mower.

  7. Mark1604

    Meets expectations

  8. NickWig

    My engine of my BMW was not running well,
    He stuttered at higher rpm,
    Since I put the stuff in my tank my engine runs like a charm,
    And I feel it has more power and the car has become brighter.
    Top stuff.

  9. SmartDriver

    It does exactly what it is intended for. The engine runs more quietly and is cleaner…. Another year MOT

  10. Klaas

    Helped my car through the MOT

  11. Graham

    Nissan 350Z, CO2 value returned within the APK values. Will definitely order again for next year’s MOT

  12. shavvvv

    product cleans well. Car starts much better when it is cold.

  13. Dannyvd11

    top product fuel usage went down a lot!

  14. GarageMaas

    Have already ordered this miracle remedy a few times and continue to be amazed at how it works. Keep it up tecflow Super stuff

  15. KeurigSeem

    Works properly, exactly what I was looking for. Delivery went fast as usual.

  16. Adrian

    Fits perfectly the purpose.

  17. Björn

    really works very quickly and effectively, really had a lot of power back

  18. jan

    great stuff

  19. Oester1986

    Used on a 1995 car, I quickly noticed that the engine was starting to run better; calmer.

  20. GregoryReW (store manager)

    Black smoke is almost completely gone!

  21. Kevindeesy (store manager)

    TFSI engine uses much less oil now!

  22. Edwin van Duuren (store manager)

    I added a bottle of speed cleaner to 20 liters of petrol and after about 25 kilometers I started to notice a real difference, I am going to order more, great quality

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