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Tecflow Speed Cleaner is the latest development in the field of fuel-system cleaners. Developed to meet the most recent environmental standards, Tecflow Speed Cleaner rapidly and thoroughly dissolves resin, gum, carbon and similar deposits in the fuel system, the exhaust gas oxy-sensor and the catalytic converter. Tecflow Speed Cleaner is suitable for both gasoline / L.P.G and diesel engines (also TDI and Common Rail Diesel Injection Systems), and is also very easy to use.

Foulness, especially soot and carbon build-ups, not only drastically reduces engine performance, it can have other very serious (and almost always expensive) consequences, including burnt valves, increased oil and fuel consumption, and a malfunctioning oxy-sensor and catalytic converter.A fouled engine also causes harmful exhaust gas emissions (in the case of gasoline engines) and soot emissions (in diesel engines). These contaminated exhaust emissions may also explain why your vehicle’s catalytic converter is not functioningoptimally. Tecflow Speed Cleaner not only prevents foulness of your catalytic converter – it removes existing deposits as well.


When an engine that has been tuned to manufacturer specifications 'runs on', it is a sign that so much carbon has agglomerated that it will start smoldering as long as the engine is running. This means that, even when the ignition has been switched off, the engine will run on until all the fuel in the combustion chamber has been completely burned up. This is why it is so important to remove any carbon that has agglomerated on the pistons and the cylinder head.

MOT / High Emissions

Speed Cleaner is a cleaner specialized in cleaning the entire fuel system and thereby drastically reducing emissions. Speed Cleaner was originally a product produced to help your car through the MOT. On average, emissions are reduced by 40% within 25 km. This can be the rescue if your car does not come through the MOT because of the high emissions.


Moisture will be removed from the tank and pipes. Tecflow Speed Cleaner absorbs the moisture and ensures that it is burned and thus disappears from the fuel system.

Contaminated injectors

Contaminated injectors are a common problem that occurs when the fuel filter is not replaced in time. If your injectors are contaminated or partially blocked, Tecflow Speed Cleaner can clean them so that they spray again.

Engine Knock

When carbon settles on the valves, it absorbs some of the fuel that is being fed to the cylinders. It is precisely at those moments when you put your foot down (when accelerating, for example, or climbing hills) that this accumulated fuel is sucked up again, which can cause excessive fuel to be fed to the cylinders. The detonation of this fuel, which combusts only with difficulty, can be heard in the form of 'engine knock'. Tecflow Speed Cleaner offers you a vigorous and speedy way of removing the offending carbon build-up.

Fuel System

Tecflow Speed Cleaner is a strong fuel system cleaner. This means that everything that the fuel passes through is cleaned. From fuel tank to the catalyst will be cleaned by the Speed Cleaner.

Loss of Compression

Loss of compression is often caused by carbon deposit on the piston rings or by agglomeration on the valves. In the latter case, the build-up can be so severe that it prevents the valves from closing properly - in extreme situations, this can even result in burnt valves. Tecflow Speed Cleaner dissolves this carbon deposit, so that these problems are not only eliminated but can even be prevented.

Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption often increases as the mileage increases. This is mainly due to contamination of the engine and can be removed by Tecflow Speed Cleaner, this reduces the remaining fuel consumption caused by contamination.

Oil Consumption

Among the components on which carbon deposits agglomerate are piston rings. This causes them to lose their tension and considerably reduces the effectiveness of the seal between the piston and the cylinder. This, in its turn, allows an excessive amount of oil to seep into the combustion chamber, where it ignites.

Exhaust system

If you want to clean or maintenance your contaminated soot filter, EGR valve or catalytic converter Speed Cleaner is suitable for maintenance and cleaning. The removed carbon and gum deposits from the exhaust system, when the pollution is extreme you should use Tecflow Top Engine Cleaner.


Heavily Polluted

In case you suffer from a heavier polluted engine, it is advisable to add Speed Cleaner at a high concentration. Add 1 bus speed cleaner to 20 liters of fuel and drive it for 30 km. Within this 30km your engine has enough time to warm up and to clean properly.

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Is your engine less polluted or if your car has a high mileage, preventively clean the fuel system and prevent contaminated injectors. Add 1 Can of Speed Cleaner to 40-60 liters of fuel.

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"I have already ordered this wonder remedy a few times and continue to be amazed about how it works. Keep it up tecflow Super stuff"

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