Tecflow Clean-Up 201


Clean Up 201 2


Tecflow CleanUp 201 is a multi-functional fuel additive for diesel engines with the application of cleaning and keeping the entire fuel system clean. Suitable for both conventional systems and DI / Common Rail (CDI) diesel injection systems with or without Turbo or catalyst. Add to the fuel at every 10,000KM.

Reduces excessive fuel consumption

Reduces excessive oil consumption

Returns lost power

Cleans entire fuel system

Cleans the valves from carbon deposits

Increases the ORI (Octane Requirement Increase)

Binds condensed water at a low temperature

Reduces corrosion

Prevents ice formation at low temperatures

Reduces Engine Knock and Dieseling

Maintenance of

fuel lines and fuel tankLeidingen en brandstoftank

Fuel Pump


Pistons and piston rings

Cylinder head

Exhaust valves and valve stems

EGR Valve



Soot Filter


Add 1 can of Clean Up 101 to 40-60 liters of fuel and drive it for 30 km. Within this 30km your engine has enough time to warm up and to clean properly.

Clean Up 201 1000x1000

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