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Moisture in fuel Tank

Moisture in your fuel tank can have nasty consequences over time. This can cause rust not only in your tank but also in the fuel lines. Many cars also suffer from various problems from small to large, including:

– Algae growth in the tank
– Bad cold start
– Rust in the tank and fuel lines

The moisture almost always enters the tank due to condensation in the tank, but can also be in the fuel. This is easy to remove with Tecflow Speed Cleaner for gasoline and diesel. This contains substances that bind with water and ensure that the moisture is burned with it.

moisture in fuel tank

Emulsifies with moisture and causes it to gradually burn.

Diesel Flakes

Diesel flakes can be easily removed with Speed Cleaner and prevents starting problems in the cold


Cleans the Injectors from dirt and carbon deposits to improve the ignition


Prevents rust and motor problems by regularly cleaning your fuel system

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