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Tecflow in your workshop?

Convenience and quality are always the solution

All in 1 Products

No garage owner wants a large assortment of products to solve minor problems. That is why Tecflow has developed products that are capable of solving more than 1 problem, thereby minimizing inventory and making work easier.

Quality behind every product

It’s easier to work with quality products, that is a facts known by every one who gets his hands dirty at the shop. For that reason we only deliver high quality products to make work easier and make it more fun.

Listening to the customer

We make products that are practical for you as a technician. No need to throw an injector cleaner, catalyst cleaner and dehumidifier in the tank and have to explain this all to the customer but just 1 product that does all this. Easy for you and cheaper for the customer.

Ceramic greases and protection

When the love for the automotive industry grows, people also look for perfection. Tecflow found perfection in Ceramic Lubricants, because any form of friction means wear.

Our Products

Ceramic Lubricants

Ceramics works up to the molecular level and can therefore deliver exceptional lubrication. That is the power of ceramics.

Engine Cleaners

An engine is powered by fuel and air. The engine then exerts its power in the engine oil. Tecflow has developed 3 cleaners to optimally clean all these processes.

Service Products

When you are working, it is important that the products you work with throughout the day are of high quality and do not let you down.

3 products many solutions

Fuel System Cleaner

From the dehumidification of the tank to the cleaning of the catalystic converter, that is what our Tecflow Speed Cleaner does. No more loose injector cleaner or catalyst cleaner, no shelves full of loose cleaners but 1 product for cleaning the complete fuel system and more.

Air inlet cleaner

Removing carbon from the engine can be a tough job, because in most cases this is everywhere. With Tecflow Engine Cleaner you can clean the engine while running from the air inlet and clean the entire engine path. You can also use the product on carburetors, EGR valves or any other carbon-struck component.

Engine Flush

We think that cleaning the engine compartment is necessary to replace the oil. It is a small effort with great results because, this alone can prevent clogging of the oil channels.

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Our Cleaners

Tecflow Speed Cleaner is a highly concentrated strong fuel system cleaner that cleans the fuel pump, carburetor, injectors, cylinder heads, pistons, valves, turbo and more.

Tecflow Engine Cleaner is a strong cleaner and decarbonizer that is applied via the air inlet of the engine. This cleans the engine through the air intake the strongest and most effective way.


Tecflow Engine Flush is an oil system cleaner that cleans all parts lubricated by engine oil in the engine, preventing direct contamination of new oil after changing by residual residues.

Our clients

Interested in Tecflow in your workshop?

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