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Clean the engine internally with Engine Flush

Oil is the lubrication of your car

Think of stuck piston rings, heavily contaminated scraper springs, clogged oil channels, stuck hydraulic tappets. This ensures, among other things, the familiar tick in the engine. We cannot do anything about every engine polluted, but we can clean the engine.

You can have the engine cleaned in the garage by or when you are handy yourself. To clean the engine through the engine oil we recommend that you do an oil change. After cleaning through the oil, all sludge, tar and dirt are released and that comes out when you change the oil.

This is how you proceed

You add Engine Flush to the engine oil and then let the engine run at idle speed for 30-45 minutes. Because of this the Flush spreads through the engine and it has time to clean up all the contamination and to spread the sometimes thick layers of sludge through the engine oil. Below is a list of the most important features of the engine flush:

  • Cleans the oil scraper spring and makes stuck hydraulic tappets normal again
  • Prevents contamination of new oil by residual residues
  • Cleans the oil pump, pump strainer and pressure relief valve
  • Cleans the delivery line to the camshaft
  • Cleans all oil channels so that the oil pressure remains optimal
  • Ceans accumulated dirt on the oil transmitter
  • Contains EP and anti-corrosion additives for extra protection

After this, drain all oil and replace it with new oil. It is also necessary to change the oil filter afterwards. A lot of dirt is collected by the oil filter and that clogs the filter.

Ceramic Engine Protector

Your engine is cleaned. It is now advisable to add Ceramic Engine Oil additive to the engine oil to prevent wear and contamination. Among other things, this ensures:

  • More engine power due to a significant reduction in wear
  • Extending the service life of the engine
  • Reduction in emissions of harmful exhaust gases.
  • Reduction of wear during the cold start (80% of wear occurs during the cold start).
  • Reduction of oil and fuel consumption.

This simply adds you to the engine oil and the addition does the rest!

Here you will find Tecflow Engine Flush

Here you will find Tecflow Ceramic Engine Protector

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