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Clean the fuel system with fuel Additives

What are fuel additives?

Fuel additives are as simple as they sound. It’s a additive you have to add to the fuel in the fuel tank. The additives mixes with the fuel in the tank and will slowly get in to the engine.

Do I also need additives?

Every car can use a cleaning inside. Carbon deposits form everywhere in the engine, which means that the engine runs less smoothly. This results in more oil consumption, higher emissions, worse starting and much more.

What does it clean exactly?

  1. The fuel pipes and tank (fuel system)
  2. The fuel pump
  3. The carburetor and injectors
  4. The pistons and piston rings
  5. The cylinder heads
  6. The valves, valve stems, throttle valve and valve seats
  7. The lambda sensor
  8. The turbo
  9. The catalystic converter

Clean up 101 Gasoline

Is for petrol cars that are not seriously contaminated. It is an additive that can be used every 10,000 km.

  1. Prevention of pollution
  2. Binding of condensed water in the tank
  3. Reduction in other fuel consumption
  4. Improvement of ignition
  5. Increase in octane level
  6. Reduction in CO & HC emissions (helps with MOT inspection)
  7. Possible return of lost PKs

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Clean up 201 Diesel

Is for Diesel cars that are not seriously contaminated. It is generally the case that diesel engines pollute faster than gasoline cars. 201 is also applicable every 10,000 km.

  1. Prevention of pollution of injectors
  2. Improvement of the ignition
  3. Prevention of soot emissions
  4. Prevention of flake formation (winter)
  5. Improvement of the cold start
  6. Prevention of corrosion
  7. Possible return of lost PKs
  8. Reduction in other fuel consumption

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Speed Cleaner

Clean up or Speed cleaner?
Speed Cleaner is a strong form of the 2 cleaners. If your car is more heavily polluted or has not used any additives for a long time, use Speed Cleaner. After using Speed Cleaner for 1 time, you can use Clean up every 10,000 km. Speed Cleaner is a perfect product to use for an MOT inspection.

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