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THP Engine

The Best Solution for the THP Engine Problems

The Prince engines were developed by PSA (Peugeot-Citroen) in close collaboration with BMW that sought to create a “next-generation” 4-cylinder engine. The result is the THP engine (N13 in BMW, N14, and N18 in Mini), which among other cutting-edge technologies, included BMW’s VANOS (variable valve timing), inter-cooled turbocharger, and GDI (gasoline direct injection). As expected, the results were fantastic.

The smallest engine in the Prince family was a 1.4 VTi that developed 90-95 PS (66-70 kW), while its 1.6VTi variant reached an output of 120 PS (88 kW). Additionally, a turbocharged 1.6L VTi version was also produced, developing an impressive 200 HP (149 kW). Judging by these figures, you would think that these engines were a success. However, this was not the case, at least not entirely.

Prince’s engine weakness

When Prince engines were designed, it was unthinkable that a 1.4-litre engine would make 160 N⋅m or that a supercharged 1.6-litre engine would have more power and torque than a six-cylinder engine (and even some V8s). That was certainly a great feat, but it had some unintended effects.

Simply put, the THP engines were not prepared to handle so much power and torque. This brought some serious drawbacks.

  • Faster than expected carbon build-up on the engine valves
  • Problems in the lubrication system leading to excessive engine oil consumption.
  • Recurrent timing chain failures, mainly due to the lubrication problems mentioned above.

Given the severity of these problems, the PSA group released a new Euro 6 engine that ameliorated many of the problems of the Prince engine family. The question you may be asking yourself is, how can I prevent all these problems without having to change my car?

The solution is simpler than you think.

As we have already mentioned, the problems with THP engines are caused by two fundamental issues, poor lubrication and carbon build-up in the valves. Fortunately, TecFlow has the ideal solution for each of these problems.

Ceramic Lubricants. Our incredible line of ceramic-based products is the perfect solution to lessen the wear and tear caused by the lack of lubrication in the internal parts of the THP engine. Whether you use our CERAMIC CHAIN SPRAY, our CERAMIC ASSEMBLY PASTE GREASE, or our CERAMIC ENGINE PROTECTOR, you will protect your engine with a film of ceramic microparticles that will considerably reduce wear.

Fuel System Cleaners. Carbon build-up on the valves is not a problem exclusive to THP engines. That is why TecFlow has developed its products for the cleaning and maintenance of the fuel system. You can confidently use the concentrated formula of our SPEED CLEANER to remove carbon from valves, injectors, cylinder heads, turbo vanes, and more. In addition, you can keep your fuel system free of harmful agents thanks to our exclusive CLEAN UP 101, a fuel additive with proven effectiveness in THP engines.

Nothing prevents you from enjoying one of the most powerful engines in its class. All you need is to perform timely preventive maintenance. TecFlow offers a wide range of products that will help you keep your THP engine in top condition!

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