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Top Engine Cleaner, The decarbonizer in a spray can!

Top Engine Cleaner (TEC)

Top Engine Cleaner is one of the best ways to clean the carburettor and combustion chambers and will give back your lost power. It is an invention of Harry Omoto to dissolve carbon and was used in Japan for years by brands like Nissan Toyota and Honda.

In the 70’s Tecflow bought the recipe and rights from Bar’s Leaks out of the US. So Tecflow was the first company who sold Top Engine Cleaner.

Top engine cleaner cleans the “respiratory of the engine “.

Inject it into the air intake and all pollution and dissolved carbon comes out with the exhaust. This works for diesel and petrol cars but is not without any risk. The best and safest way to have it done is by a mechanic. A diesel with a small engine will start running on higher rpm when you spray it in the air intake so don’t spray it all in at once. A petrol car has a signal wire which you don’t want to hit.


What does it do:

  • Cleans carbon deposits from inside the engine
  • Reduce your exhaust gases
  • Gives your engine more power and less fuel usage
  • Extend the lifetime of the engine
  • The engine runs better stationary
  • Cleans carbon deposits from inside the engine (decarbonize).
  • Cleans the valves and pistons

Characteristics of Top Engine Cleaner:

  • It is specially formulated to be: Strongly penetrating, solvent, polishing, abstergent and lubricious
  • TEC penetrate everywhere inside  and stays there for a period of time for the polishing effect
  • It is not harmful for the engine
  • The complete treatment will take around 15 min
  • You can use TEC on every type of car


  • Cleans existing throttle valve
  • Cleans the inlet valves and valve stems
  • Cleans the pre-combustion chambers
  • Cleans vacuum-controlled exhaust manifold valves
  • Cleans the intake manifolds
  • Cleans pistons and piston rings
  • Cleans the cylinder head
  • Cleans turbo blades


  • Cleans the carburetor internally without disassembly
  • Cleans the injectors
  • Cleans the intake manifold
  • Cleaning of pistons and piston rings
  • Decarbonization of exhaust valves
  • Cleans venturi, valves, springs, pivots etc …
  • Cleans the throttle valve
  • Cleans the inlet valves and valve stems
  • Cleans the cylinder head
  • Cleans the basic circulation (stepper motor) stationary

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