Tecflow Ceramic 4 - Stroke


Keramische 4T


Tecflow Ceramic Motor Protector is a multifunctional addition. After addition to the 2-stroke oil, a molecular solid film layer is formed after a short time. This layer acts as a kind of armor on the metal and protects against excessive wear, prevents corrosion and moreover has excellent limit-lubricating properties due to the adhesion to the metal. Lubrication is maintained under the most extreme conditions.

Unique Ceramic protection for your engine

Reduces friction

Optimal lubrication

Reduces engine wear

Protects against corrosion

Protects against cold starts

Reduces fuel consumption

Lowers the engine temperature

Reduces carbon formation in the exhaust


Tecflow Ceramic Engine Protector must be added to the 4 – stroke oil with the engine running. Then let the engine run for 15 minutes.


Use only for engines with a dry clutch.


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