Tecflow 4 - stroke Engine Cleaner


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Tecflow 4-stroke Engine cleaner is a fuel system cleaner with the application of quick and effective dissolution of coal and soot deposits throughout the fuel system. Contamination of your engine and especially soot and carbon deposits not only greatly reduces the performance of your engine, but can also have nasty costly consequences such as high fuel consumption, clogging of the exhaust, catalytic converter failure etc.

Prevents the motor from overheating

Removes carbon deposits

Restores the compression

Restores lost power

Improves combustion / ignition

Improves cold start

Reduces carbon deposits in the exhaust

Reduces fuel and oil consumption


Add 1 can of 2 – stroke engine cleaner to a full tank and drive 10KM. Within this 10km your motorcycle has enough time to warm up and to clean properly.



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