Tecflow Electronic Cleaner


electronic cleaner


Tecflow Electronic Cleaner is a universally applicable contact cleaner, developed for cleaning electronic and electrical connections. Cleans both water and oil soluble dirt very quickly and efficiently. The spray jet cleans dust and other small particles.

Removes dirt, moisture and grease, protects electronic components.

Residue-free formulation

Prevents degradation of electrical signal

CO (carbon-dioxide) as propellant

Quick evaporation rate


Technische informatie

Base: Aliphatic and oxygenated hydrocarbons. Density: 0.762 g/ml Purpose: Contact cleaner, designed for spray on / rinse cleaning. For cleaning of electronics and electrical connections. Provides very efficient cleaning. The product is very quick and effective on as well water- as oil soluble dirt. The jet spray also cleans dust and other small particles. Consistenc: lear liquid Evaporation rate: Relatively quick, without leaving any residue. Cleaning enhancers: none Electrically conductive: not determined Penetration capacity: Good Surface tension: not determined Viscosity: < 3 cPs Flash point: Solvent: < 0 °C propellant: < not applicable while carbon-dioxide Product code : 788025 Content Aerosol : 400ml

Overige Informatie

Type of substrate: All kind of materials Condition of substrate: Do not spray onto hot (>50°C) surfaces Method of application: Spray directly on the components to be cleaned. Temperature of application: 10 °C to 40 °C • Harmless to most plastics, rubbers, metals and insulation when product is allowed to evaporate freely. • Prolonged contact can cause stress-cracking for polycarbonate and etching for polystyrene. Some other plastics can also be effected after longer contact time. • It is advisable to protect certain parts against moisture after cleaning. • Never spray on livewire equipment!

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