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Electronic Cleaner

Tecflow Electronic Cleaner is a universal contact cleaner designed to clean electronics and electrical connections. It quickly and efficiently cleans both water and oil soluble dirt. The spray removes dust and other small particles.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Base: Mixture of aliphatic and oxygeneated coal water substances and carbon dioxide (CO2) Density: 0.762 g/ml Consistency: Clear liquid Evaporation rate: Relatively fast and leaves no residual product Non-volatile substances: 0% Amplifier cleaning: None Electrical conductivity: Not specified Penetration power: Good Surface tension: Not specified Viscosity: <3 cPs Flash point: Solvent: <0 °C Driving gas: No flash point due to CO² as driving gas

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Other applications: All types of materials Condition of the object: Do not spray on surfaces with a temperature> 50°C Application method: Spray directly on the part to be cleaned. To be used at: 10°C to 40°C Other details: – Harmless to most plastics, rubbers, metals, and insulation materials as long as the product can evaporate freely.

  • Prolonged and abundant spraying can cause hairline cracks in polycarbonate and etching with polystyrene. Certain plastic types may be damaged by prolonged and abundant spraying.
  • Never spray on parts or contacts that are under tension.
  • Wait until the product has fully evaporated before turning on electrical voltage.
  • Contains carbon dioxide as driving gas

Aerosol content: 400 ml Product code: 788025


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