Tecflow Lithium Grease + P.T.F.E.


lithium grease ptfe


Tecflow Lithium Grease with PTFE is a unique high-performance and high-temperature lithium based grease enriched with Poly-Tetra-Fluoric-Ethylene (PTFE). Tecflow Lithium Grease helps form a tenacious clinging film on the applied metal surface and the innumerable micro particles of PTFE act as tiny ball bearings which helps minimize wear, friction and temperature.

The product is mechanically and chemically stable and it does not migrate from hot surfaces, providing effective lubrication at temperatures up to 225°C. The penetration is excellent and the solvent evaporates quickly. Suitable for a wide range of applications like automotive and industrial bearings, gears, auto & truck chassis, construction equipment, marine parts etc.

Reduces friction and wear

Excellent for metal to metal lubrication

Reduces sound and vibration

Does not run or wash away

Quick evaporation rate of aerosol solvent

Technical Information

Base: Mixture of lithium complex grease, organic solvents, PTFE and propane/butane (propellant).
Specific Gravity: (liquid H2O=1) 0.653
Consistency: White, greasy
Evaporation rate: 5-15 minutes, depends on temperature.
Recommended layer thickness: Adjust to application; thin layer will be sufficient
Adhesion: Extremely good and suitable on all kinds of metal
Penetration capacity: Moderate
Surface tension: Not determined
Viscosity: Not determined
Mechanical stability: Good
Lubricating capacity: Excellent
Pressure resistance:  Good
Temperature resistance: up to 225°
UV-resistance: Good
Water resistance: Good against both condensed moisture and sprayed water
Acid resistance:  Good
Corrosion protection: Good

Flash point: 
Oil and grease: approx. 225 °C
Solvent: < 0 °C
Propellant: < 0 °C

Product code: 788849
Content Aerosol: 400ml

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