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Clean the engine internally with Engine Flush

Many motor problems can be caused by bad or dirty oil in the engine. All moving parts in an engine are lubricated or move in the engine oil. When this oil is contaminated or deposits dirt on the moving and non-moving parts in the engine, this causes it to move less smoothly, which in turn causes wear.

Smoking Diesel, High Fuel Consumption – Clean Diesels

Why does my diesel emit black smoke, does it consume a lot of fuel or is it running poorly? That is one of the biggest questions we always get and the answer is usually quite simple, due to pollution.

Clean the fuel system with fuel Additives

Just like a car interior, the engine and fuel system of a car must be cleaned, but that will be difficult or expensive and will have to be done at a garage. The opposite is true, it is easy to clean with a fuel additive or also called an additive. It cleans your engine and everything that the fuel passes.

Clean the engine internally but how?

You feel the need to clean the engine of your car but you actually don’t know how or where to start. With this, Tecflow with 50 years of experience will try to help you make the choices with you.

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